El Dorado Hills
Psychological Center

New to EDH

Neurostimulator treatment for depression, anxiety and insomnia 
as seen in the Wall Street Journal, CBS, and Fox News
Offered for the 1st time in EDH.   Administered by an experienced clinician licensed in California.

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator┬« was designed by brilliant electrical engineers who worked closely with physicians to perfect the patented neurostimulating waveforms that reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia. Unlike SSRI medication that inhibits neuronal receptors from absorbing serotonin, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator┬« causes the brain to produce serotonin naturally while improving the brain's ability to regulate the limbic system. The device is also cleared by the FDA for the treatment of chronic pain (such as fibromyalgia) when used on the body as a neurostimulator.