El Dorado Hills
Psychological Center

Career Counseling

At EDH Psychological Center we offer career guidance
through the use of specialized instruments that
measure self-reported vocational interests and skills.
Similar to traditional interest inventories, these
instrument scales reflect an individual's  attraction
for specific occupational areas. 
However, we go beyond traditional inventories by
adding parallel skill scales that provide estimates
of an individual's confidence in his or her ability to
perform various occupational activities. Together,
the two types of scales provide more comprehensive,
richer data than interest scores alone. 

Working collaboratively, we use this data to:

- Explore new avenues in career development
- Pinpoint areas of academic study that can build
  skills and, as a result, increase career options
- Support personal counseling by identifying 
  occupations or vocations that help meet the
  individual's needs
- Advise displaced and transitioning employees
  in outplacement programs