El Dorado Hills
Psychological Center
Michael A. Molyn, PsyD, NScM
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME)

Dr. Molyn is a highly-respected Licensed Clinical Psychologist with several years experience providing both Clinical and Neuropsychological Assessment.   Along with his clinical skills, he has greater than 15 years of management background in U.S. firms such as AT&T, Intel and Ford.  For several years, Dr. Molyn has performed Psychiatric Evaluations for various branches of the Federal and State government.  He has an established reputation for clinical insight, detailed analysis, and communication ability.  Dr. Molyn has been appointed as a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the State of California.
A twice-awarded NIMH scholar, Dr. Molyn graduated magna cum laude with a Master’s Degree in Neuroscience from the Hartford Neuroscience Consortium, and he spent several years in Psychiatric research at the Yale-affiliated Institute of Living.  He completed his Clinical PhD as an Abraham Maslow scholar in Sacramento, California.  Dr. Molyn has had articles published in such diverse publications as Psychiatric Annals, Computerworld, The Wall Street Journal, and Omni Magazine, and he has presented at conferences with audiences of several thousand people.
In his private practice, Dr. Molyn is an adherent of the principles of Aaron Beck, William Glasser, and Albert Ellis. He has been trained and supervised at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia, PA.  He believes that Psychological methods can be improved through the use of a Neurological perspective; one that he acquired as a Clinical Neuropsychology Research Fellow at the University of Connecticut, and Hartford’s Institute of Living.